Bambi Luv Photography

I have always had a love of photography. I started with a cube flash 35 mm film camera that my parents let me use, and very little knowledge. It progressed to my own Canon 35 mm camera and photography classes at Aims Community College. My favorite part of photography classes was the development. I learned how to process prints in a dark room. It was just as creative as taking the picture. I loved the smell of the chemicals, using light to dodge and burn, using colored filters to bring out the subject, but I especially loved the way I felt when I was in the dark room. I was complete. Sadly, the age of 35 mm film photography and darkrooms ended and so did my I thought!

Fast forward to a different time. Digital photography and lightroom software take the place of 35 mm film photography and the darkroom. I decided to buy a digital camera. A Canon EOS Rebel T6, just as a hobby. I started taking picture in my house, hiking, to concerts, weddings, pretty much anything. I quickly realized I still love having a camera in my hands, that didn't change just because the times changed. Shortly after that, my husband volunteered me for a wedding that their photographer backed out of. Scared out of my mind, I rose the occasion, and I have been learning ever since.

I took some refresher courses at Aims Community College, the School of Photography, and Amanda Diaz Photography. I have learned more now than before. I am growing as an artist, photographer, and person. In the end, I found myself at the beginning, the only difference is my age and the wisdom I carry. Now I can show the world. Let me show the world your beauty, your truth and join me in mine!

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